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Erica is an artist, designer with an extensive working background within the fashion industry. She has adapted her wealth of knowledge into producing an array of stitched, moulded and assembled pieces. Initially influenced by garment design and their construction processes, she utilises similar principles to produce soft sculpture, painting and wearables.  
Sculpture; textured and structured forms dominate her work, as does the incorporation of synthetic materials and 3D printed elements. Works that often contain reference to personal experiences, concerns for humanity, our environment as well as the treatment of animals.  
Painting; utilising her unique style with meticulously placed brush strokes, Erica enhances elements of exaggerated personality, layered characterisation and heightened individualism within her imaginative work.  
Wearables; Erica's interests in exotic materials, natural structures and incorporated 3D technologies. Wearables is a natural progression to her sculpture works, pieces often incorporate a blend of traditional hand sewn techniques with freehand or machine 3D printed componentry.  

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Some career highlights include....
2017 Award for Artistic Excellence - Townsville's Strand Ephemera Sculpture Exhibition
Honorable Mention - The World of WearableArt Awards Show
2012 First prize, Gen-i Creative Excellence section, the World of WearableArt Awards Show 
 Award for Artistic Excellence - Townsville's Strand Ephemera Sculpture Exhibition
2011 Highly Commended - Sculpture in the Gaol Exhibition

Designed exclusively for those who value the one-of-a-kind aesthetic, works that incorporate innovative materials & technologies as well as traditional hand sewn couture techniques.
Each bespoke piece personally hand crafted by  artist, designer erica gray.

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An adaptation of a smaller Animal-parasite construct to larger form of symbiotic wearable shield.
artist statement  
In a possible future, a future where humanity evolves to incorporate bio-digital-medical wearable enhancement that grafts artificial intelligence into our lives. These AI reliant humans need not process, develop, store, operate or even think about the mundane, repetitive data or functional needs as they once did. Generations of human minds conceived and built slave intelligence as a tool, this tool self-enhanced to intelligence beyond our own. Future humanity can now tune out, they need only to function and do only what is needed rather than wanted while the “important things” in life are resolved in the background. Garment or human, which is truly the Symbiont. 
Materials & production details:  
PLA, TPU filament, laminated card & LED lighting 
SYMBIONT utilises a combination of machine 3D printed componentry and hand manipulated 3D printed technologies (3D printer pen), extruded plastic film as well as hand cut card to produce a material and build the dress design. 
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Modelled by Bella Louche

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Man, has adapted Animals to form a symbiotic relationship with himself. Forms Organic is a play on this symbiosis whereby it is explored to the point of osmosis, where a unified armour is formed. Not an armour of solid and impervious protection, but one of emotional separation. This work sees the armour woven around us as a means to sever links between animal as commodity and animal as living being. 
Do we de-humanise ourselves by using other beings for our own wants and needs, happily brandishing claws, teeth and spikes as a show of what we are protected from, or are we just re-animalising the cute, harmless and furry for the same reasons. 
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Modelled by 
top; Mary Guse

Lux operons are a series of genes which control chemical reactions resulting in the expression of bio luminous pigments in some bacteria and marine animals.  

 Lux Operon represents the duality of visual expression observed in one form or another by an array of living creatures, be they some form of marine animals, or be they a form of bacteria, or be they an imagined entity within ourselves, they have the enviable ability to produce bio luminescence as a reaction to their environment. As humans we need technology, our own form of luminescence, to utilise and enhance our clothing, our accessories, our immediate environment… a process I am very interested in in the hopes if mimicking this aesthetics within my work.

PC: Gothic Zen Studios
Patterns emerge, spirals entwine, life-forces converge. Blood pumps in harmony to continue the vital flow. Our bodies are an amazing container for blood vessels, veins and arteries, a life force almost ashamedly hidden 
Helix is my representation of the dynamics of flow within this life energy, the vibrancy of this hidden secret, the extent of energy and volume of the contained. This is a piece that celebrates this inner weave on our outer skin. 

PLA filament, plastic, wire, PVC,. poly fibre & Lycra 
 Size: 10 AU 

PC: World of WearableArt 2016

Fractals are never ending patterns, driven by replication and reiteration. They are self-evolving, chaotically presented, but intrinsically calculated generators of form and event; they are forever living, forever forming, forever… but this gown is in mourning; we grow, we evolve, we produce, we live… and our bodies just forget to keep going. 
Fractal Amnesia is a comment on the abruptness of life. From beginning to end we generate little sparks of happiness, triumphs and poignant moments, which in turn produce a pattern to our own lives, however it’s all enveloped by this dark shroud of forgetting. 

Fractal Amnesia utilises hand manipulated 3D printed technologies, extruded plastic layers combined with sculpted forms in fabric and PVC. 
PLA filament, plastic, wire, PVC,. poly fibre & Lycra 
 Size: 10 AU 

PC: World of WearableArt 2016

Being David
Finalist in the
2015 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize: 
David Wolff; legal practitioner, business owner, chairperson, community spokesperson, community activist, supporter of the arts, festival goer... and a long time embracer of the Northern Rivers lifestyle. During our relaxed conversation it became evident that David's interests and passions far exceeded the visual expanse of the trees, hills and surf acting as his homes backdrop. Post discussions it just seemed improper to just crop a face and torso within a canvas frame and say "this is the man". David's persona is more than just his immediate gaze and gestures, his portrait encompasses elements external to his immediate self; his love of Australian music, art and literature; his involvement with theatre groups and historic track and trail; his interest in all things natural to lifestyle and produce. A relaxed persona encapsulating everything around him... This is David! 

Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on canvas (acrylic) 
Size: 61 cm x 122 cm
Displayed @ WOW in the: Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section themed Other Worlds  
The inspiration for this piece was all the digital noise/traffic in cyber space - all the digital code, photos, images and Meta data, saved, stored and backlogged - reimagined into my wearable sculpture. Designed to capture the look of ‘digital congestion’ in a re-configured, re-imagined system of wiggly, twisted, thick black data cables and network antennae.
Materials: ABS plastic details, Poly Fibre & PVC coated Lycra 
Process: Utilising a combination of machine and hand-sewn techniques, the PVC fabric tubes were stitched together, stuffed and hand sewn into place. For some sections I used a 3D plastic printer pen to produce wire styles and antennae areas. Each section was designed to loop back into the infinity symbol, whilst still looking somewhat chaotic. 

PC: World of WearableArt 2015
Displayed @ 2015 WOW Awards Show in the: Creative Excellence Section Themed Architecture and also as part of the temporary exhibits in 2016.
Utilising 3D printing technology, extruded plastic materials, inspirational imagery, my own interpretations of the natural forms of ice crystals, gemstones and mountainscapes, as well as a little bit of architectural reference such as Frank Gehry's Foundation building and the Sydney opera house. 
Utilising a hand held 3D printer pen, 3kg of ABS plastic, a considerable amount of time and patience, I produced the Crystal Matrix, which consisted of five separate but cohesive sections that is worn as complete body piece. 
ABS plastic, cotton & Lycra 
Size: 10 AU

BioVat is the future of genetically mutated Animal product. The work aims to demonstrate the simplicity of disconnect by displaying a sculpture of a beast, a commodity, a scientifically modified outcome, as well as a living being. Science and design are currently collaborating to produce alternative future solutions for sustainable food production. This may one day become the research animal, the food source, we need not associate with, or even think about, as it's worth is limited to market value and demand. Does BioVat represent the future of commercially productive animals? A commodity worth its weight in gold! A future where animals are bred for convenience, to be manipulated, mutated and transformed into heavier, leaner, docile and generally an unflawed source of specifically designed organic materials. Will we finally, emotionally, be removed from the current 'farm Animal' collective? Tail docking, castration, dehorning, beak trimming and other practices all without anaesthetic or pain relief- could this become animal husbandry history. There would be no need to ship beasts to faraway lands, far enough away to disengage our own values of humane care and sensibilities. For the most part, we might only concern ourselves with our own needs and desires; living our own lives, getting the children to school, getting to work on time and paying our mounting bills.
INTERVIEW with Joe Pitcher & TextileArtist.org
Fashion and art: the perfect combination 

TextileArtist.org: What initially captured your imagination about textile art? 
Erica Gray: In the late 80’s and 90’s fashion initially fuelled my creative side. I was inspired by designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier who, apart from being a fashion designer, also co-hosted a TV show called Euro Trash. I loved to see all the strange wonderful fads people were experimenting with. I also worked as a dressmaker; designing and working on an array of garment types from bridal, leather fashions and costuming, through to a few unusual fetish based styles for some select clients. 
It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I really started discovering the art world, and ....more 

Although I enjoy working in a variety of different materials, I often revert back to using fabric.  
Producing sculpture in fabric can pose its challenges, though these challenges are often rewarded by soft sculptures special and sometimes unexpected qualities.  

I like to Think of artwork in an Emotional way, it makes me smile, it makes me think, it makes me feel something - and I guess that's what most artists are hoping to achieve....more
18 January - 3 March 2013  
 Tweed River Art Gallery

From the smooth, soft, fleshy form representative of a gentle friendly nature, through to the claws and sharp edges which speak of a harsher animalistic character, my sculptures are laced with both soft and harsh elements and I invite the gallery visitor to explore their folds and sharp forms. Rubber gloves, sharp teeth and other pointy bits is an exhibition that dredges the murky depths of my imagination; directly influenced by the materials used, as well as a sense of order and composition. The sculptures are my interpretation of animalistic forms crafted with a variety of fanged mouth parts, spiky armour and rubber teats - all the fun things your mummy warned you about!” ......more

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Pointy bits on exhibition at the Tweed River Art Gallery
Erica Gray's Exhibition
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Pipe Dreams
Soft sculpture exhibition.
In 2012 I had my first solo exhibition at the Gold Coast City Gallery.
Pipe Dreams is an exhibition of soft sculpture that celebrates the mundane; the absurd; the functionality; and the genious of the ubiquitous water pipe.
Utilising unconventional materials to challenge the nature of sculpture. In doing so. upends the materiality of the object and turns the gallery walls inside out.
Pipe Dreams has been exhibited at the venues below:
Gold Coast City Gallery
Noosa Regional Art Gallery
Bundaberg Regional Art Grallery

You can check-out my You Tube of the  exhibited at the Bundabery Regional Art Gallery from 2016 here....
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