Tensions - Tamworth Textile Triennial 2020
Immortal Coils
Our existence, surpassing each lifespan, runs immortal. Our actions, seemingly cyclic, eventually fall from the coil. 
Immortal Coils is a construct that explores our being as individuals that are inherently intertwined and interwoven into a layer, a meshing, of a collective immortal existence. A weave that not only encapsulates us, and gives us mass in immortality, but one that also invents and reinvents our means of existence… we search for simple, we invent, we refine, we reinvent, we search for simple, we… a cycle of repetitive weave, a repeated coil, meshed within us. 
Though we like to think it, we are not immortal, and a coil, unlike a circle, needs to ultimately end. This, our last looks at our Immortal Coil, shows the strain. The wefts become weave and seemingly drips from the initial concentric ideal. The lives once united begin breaking through, discarded as detritus from a mechanism seemingly stitched of a world where resources are infinite. A darker tapestry now remains, one where wealth, politics, exploitation and desiccation only leaves the bones of rational thought. 
We can mend the tapestry, uniting with a clearer goal over questionable consumption. We can reclaim our unity, appreciating the mix of all and not discarding the jetsam, so as to combine as single pearls. Ultimately, we may even be able to extend our coils of existence. 

Processes & materials: 
Materials I have used are: 
• Cotton & Italian Tulle 
• 3D printed componentry (bones) 
• Pearl beads 
• Plastic 
• On mount 
Processes are: 
• Traditional stitching techniques (machine and hand-sewn) 
• CAD drawing to produce 3D print files 
• Crotchet 
• Hand-sewn Beading 
• Weaving and knotting 

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