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Upcoming Workshops
Workshops: Fibre Arts Australia
14th - 18th April, 2019 at FIBRE ARTS AUSTRALIA, BALLARAT
Join me in utilising some of my favourite techniques to explore wearable art and the sculptured form. Techniques include soft sculpture, wire manipulation & a 3D printer pen as well as some down to basics dressmaking tricks. For more information and to book CLICK here. 
A creative beginner through to someone wanting to refresh or try a new technique.  


23rd Of june, 2018
2 x workshops Saturday 10am – 12 noon, 1pm – 3pm
@ Lapunyah Art Gallery 
An introduction to design and sculpting techniques utilising a hand-held 3D printer pen to create your own wearable art piece inspired by plumbing componentry.....
A creative beginner through to someone wanting to refresh or try a new technique.
Workshop: Soft Sculpture, April 2016
Workshop: Architectural Facades in organza, July 2016

Fibre Arts Australia 5 -day residential workshops
Im thrilled to be working with the team at Fibre Arts Australia as
Artist in residence again in April 2018.

Previous artist in residence April & July 2017 & 
previous workshops April & July 2016
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3Doodler tutorials 
Luggage Tag:
Whether you're headed for a long-haul flight or a quick weekend getaway, personalizing your luggage is the best way to help you keep track of your things! A colorful Doodled tag can help you find your suitcase in a sea of bags in luggage claim, or simply help you keep an eye on your bag while traveling. 3Doodler Jet-setter and Power Doodler Erica Gray shows how to put your own personal spin on a FLEXY travel tag.
Mesmerising Masks:
Creating custom costumes and cosplay is a perfect time to let your Doodling go wild! What better way to push your imagination to the limits than with fantasy accessories that can fit with any genre? To create the perfect costume elements, we turned to resident fashion expert and Power Doodler Erica to give us an easy to follow guide that's sure to turn heads....more
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Tutorials & my workspace 
OffBeat Bride
Embroidered photo keepsakes: 
I once found an old photo album at a thrift store, I remember feeling captivated looking through the stills of those stranger’s lives, the last photo was a wedding photo, which made me wonder about their love, their life and their experiences.  
Since then I’ve had a fascination with vintage photos as well as incorporating something of myself creatively and I like think I’ve woven myself into the scene in some way. These are some.....more

My workspace:
The whole house seems to be my studio, at least that’s what my partner says… however my primary work zone is, by order, relegated to one end of our main lounge room....more

Gold Coast,

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up coming events
Sculptured Wearables- Ballarat - April 2019
Artist in residence- Ballarat - April 2018

solo exhibition 2018
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