5th October - 24th OCtober 2018
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life.e.quatic continues the aquatic theme laced throughout my sculpture, painted and wearable art pieces. works inspired by the natural aquatic environment and the creatures within. My interpretation of the complex structures, vivid colours and intricate patterning observed in a variety of marine creatures as well as a reference to man’s influence over his environment. A meshing as well as a symbolic representation of how coral and surrounding ecosystems, once autonomous must now cling to us in the hopes of maintaining their continued existence....

I’m looking forward to showing you my lastest work as well as some special collaborative projects with friends Karen Jerzyk, Leslie Liu & Zoran Zivanovic, each helping me add a greater visual layer to my art pieces.

Exhibition PENNY CONTEMPORARY 5th  Oct. - 12th Nov.

To access AR layers - download the Erica Gray Artist App, made in collaboration with Zoran Architecture and available to download from the App Store.

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