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Erica is a designer, an artist and an erstwhile fashion designer with an extensive working background within the fashion industry itself. She has adapted her wealth of knowledge within fashion, her love for sculptural form, and understanding of three-dimensional printing technology and materials, to produce her own range of exclusively handcrafted tech-couture headpieces, masks and accessories. She has also collaborated with architects, digital 3d artists and videographers to produce these showcase items and incorporate them into standalone pieces incorporating video, augmented visuals, printed wearables and enhanced couture.

Wearables are a natural progression to sculptural works. Pieces often incorporating a blend of traditional couture sewn techniques, sculptured elements, material manipulation, as well as a combination of freehand or machine 3D printed componentry. This interests in exotic materials, natural structures and incorporated 3D technologies have led to my own unique style and approach to contemporary design.  
With awards in both wearable art and sculpture, I recently took home the award for Artistic Excellence, in Townsville’s 2017 Strand Ephemera Sculpture Exhibition. I've also gained a number of accolades over the years in wearable sculpture, including a section category win my first entry into the prestigious World of WearableArt Awards Show in 2012. WOW is an international competition held yearly in New Zealand and I have been fortunate to have been a WOW finalist seven times including my 2017 entry piece, showing a total of nine garments in all, presened on stage in the World of WearableArt Stage Show.  

An award-winning artist–designer, who creates unique art & wearables; Art pieces that often incorporate a blend of traditional hand-sewn techniques with both freehand & machine-based 3D printed componentry. Her artwork is regularly exhibited nationally & internationally. And some of Erica’s achievements include the Award for Artistic Excellence in the 2017 Strand Ephemera, Runner-up in the Wearable Technology Award 2017, as well as 1st place in the Creative Excellence section in 2012, at the prestigious World of Wearable Art Awards Show. Displaying artwork in group & solo exhibitions, including the Gold Coast City Gallery, the Tweed Regional Gallery & numerous select private galleries. She also works in collaborative projects as a focus on providing further multi-disciplined visual layers to her pieces. Collaborative creatives have included zoran architecture, Karen Jerzyk Photo & the Huxley School of Makeup to name the most recent.
Friends & collaborations 
In addition to working with private clients, I also collaborate with industry professionals, among them architects, photographers, stylists,digital artists and videographers to produce and showcase some of these items as well as incorporating them into standalone pieces, including video, augmented visuals, printed wearables and enhanced couture.  
Some links to friends & collaborators websites below: 
zoran architecture 
Huxley School of Makeup 
Karen Jerzyk Photo 
Gothic Zen Studios 
Tammy Schuh Photography 
Jake Hempson Artist 
Leslie Liu photography
Some career highlights include.... 
2017 Runner-up Wearable Technology Award, World of WearableArt Awards Show, NZ 
2017 Award for Artistic Excellence - Townsville's Strand Ephemera Sculpture Exhibition 
2013 Honorable Mention - The World of WearableArt Awards Show 
2012 First prize, Gen-i Creative Excellence section, the World of WearableArt Awards Show  
2011 Award for Artistic Excellence - Townsville's Strand Ephemera Sculpture Exhibition  
2011 Highly Commended - Sculpture in the Gaol Exhibition

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