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the Exotic Trophy
In a re-ordered world where we are typically disconnected from the natural one around us, the electronic modern age where fast paced learning, disassociated empathy, validation addiction and chronic consumerism is rife. A world that at times seems more compressed, crowded, yet more connected All so that we can now have a front row seat to watch the effects of over population, environmental disasters, social injustices, the over-globalisation of natural resources and the over-industrialisation of animal farming. In “The ExoticTrophy“, the artist seeks to pay homage and capture the essence of animals who will be made gone by over hunting, abhorrent abuse in fur farming, ongoing illegal poaching and corporate game slaughter. Animals we can view on telly, in zoos, on our walls, worn as garments, as upholstery on our furniture, cruelly harvested for primitive treatments and remedies, mutilated as test animals for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as stolen wild as exhibits in illegal zoos and pet trades.
solo exhibition
WESWAL Gallery May 2015

image left: In For The Kill (purchased by the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery collection) 
Right: Exotic Trophy

INTERVIEW with Joe Pitcher &

Mr x stitch: The cutting (& Stitching edge)

The Art life: New Work Friday #130

Conversations with the makers with Glenys Mann from FIBRE ARTS AUSTRALIA

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