I'm an artist, designer and maker, with an extensive working background within the fashion industry. This wealth of knowledge has been adapted to produce an array of stitched, moulded and assembled pieces. Initially influenced by garment design and their fabrication processes, I now utilise similar principles as well as adapted 3D technologies to produce much of my current work.  

Sculpture; textured and structured forms dominate my work, as does the incorporation of synthetic materials and 3D printed elements. Works that often contain reference to personal experiences, concerns for humanity, our environment as well as the treatment of animals.  

Painting; I always aim to enhance the natural elements, by adding my own character and perspective within my painted works. I'm obsessed with collecting antiques, trinkets, art, and patterned materials, often visually merging these concepts into my art pieces. 

Wearables; My fascination and interest in exotic materials, natural structures and incorporated 3D technologies and  sculptured forms, have naturally progressed to incorporate a blend of traditional hand sewn techniques along with freehand extruded (stereoscopic) drawn or machine 3D printed componentry. 
Wearable Art by Erica Gray artist....My designs have been displayed within exhibitions, such as the World of Wearableart Awards Show (WOW), Sartorial (Vivid, Sydney) & The Iconic Mars Modern Art Museum (RU), fashion / Tech runway shows, photographed in collaborative shoots, worn by performers/ artists, including vocalists, experimental dance, international models, videographers & stylists.

An award winning soft sculpture and wearables artist with an interest in traditional sewing techniques, portrait painting and technology based- infused methods, often merging multiple processes. Utilising elements such as freehand extruded stereoscopic pen drawing, machine-based 3D printing, synthetic materials as well as in some works incorporating Augmented Reality overlays and Artificial Luminescence effects. Erica's work has been displayed nationally and internationally in events such as the World of Wearable Art Awards Show in New Zealand, the iconic Centre Mars Modern Art Museum in Moscow RU, Fashion-Tech-NY during the 2018 + 2019 New York Fashion Week USA as well as the World of WearableArt Museum for eight consecutive years. Semi-finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2013+2019 as well as number of exhibitions within Australian regional galleries and events. Recently in 2017 in Townsville's Strand Ephemera exhibition, Erica took home the Award for Artistic Excellence + Join-recipient in 2011 for the same award, as well as Runner-Up for the 2017 Wearable Technology Award in the prestigious Worlds of WearableArt Award Show + Honourable Mention 2013 + Section Win in 2012.

Represented by
Anthea Polson Art, Gold Coast, QLD 

Erica Gray Artist App is another glimpse into my art career; past, present and future. Available for download on ipad and iphone from the App Store.

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