Artist statement:

In my work I’ve utilised computer driven (digitally) printed 3D objects, freehand driven (analogue) extruded componentry, as well as woven (imagined) elements to produce a future of an individual among a tribe. 

In my future, wearables are an expressive art form and means of displaying exaggerated personality, layered characterisation and heightened individualism. Textured and structured forms dominate my work, as does the incorporation of synthetic materials and 3D printed elements.  
Future fashion is often portrayed, in varying media, as a group common in wearing body hugging compression garments designed to control our form, meter our health and imply a comfort through lack of ornament and frills. In my future I see an alternative, one where garments are produced with extensive design elements; maybe unnecessary, maybe unessential, created to be worn as a means of exaggerated personality. 
In the future I question if mankind as a whole, as a unified mass, will transform and improve as advancements in technology and global connectivity escalate. Will we see an end to war, an end to violence, an end to poverty, or greed? There will however be those who will rebel against the worn conformity; individuals that utilise wearables as a means to expand their personal space, display their own uniqueness, embrace individuality as opposed to the future aesthetic commonality that is most-times portrayed… they will embrace, question and use the tech rather than just live with it. 

Materials + production details: PLA,TPU filament, Lycra, plastic. FUTURE RELIC, utilises a combination of machine printed & hand manipulated 3D printed technologies (3D printer pen), extruded plastic film. 

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Presents  

Curated by Dr Anne Farren, Fashion Academic and Researcher at Curtin University, and Bradley Quinn, Author, Consultant and Fashion Industry Strategist.  
Technologised garments take innovation to the highest level, making a future that may seem out of reach relevant to fashion today. Fashioning Technology presents the application of emerging technologies and advanced materials to textiles, garments and accessories designed with a new generation of consumers in mind....(extract from exhibition catalogue)

2017 BODYHACKING CON - wearable/Tech display, Austin Texas, USA with an additional AR layer containing links to the making process and other video links.

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#ericagrayartist #wearableart #wearables #3dfashion #wearableartist #wearabletech #techfashion
#ericagrayartist #wearableart #wearables #3dfashion #wearableartist #wearabletech #techfashion
#ericagrayartist #wearableart #wearables #3dfashion #wearableartist #wearabletech #techfashion
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